Friday, August 17, 2012

ELIAS PANIKI - The Men Behind the Bat

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Ang Mahiwagang Daigdig ni Elias Paniki ("The Mystical World of Elias Bat") was a 1989 movie directed by komiks writer-turned film director Carlo J. Caparas It starred veteran actor-senator Ramon Revilla, who carved his career portraying characters who possessed magical amulets or agimat.  In this film, he played the title role of Elias, a vampire slayer who derived his power from the petrified bat attached to his headband.


Now, we've bashed CJC here a few times, and certainly this film won't go down as a great masterpiece in the history of Philippine Cinema.  But still, it did have at least one moment of badassery.  I mean, what other vampire slayer actually waits for his prey inside its own coffin?


In 2009, the ABS-CBN Network launched Agimat: Ang Mga Alamat ni Ramon Revilla ("Amulet: The Legends of Ramon Revilla"), which adapted a number of classic Revilla films for television.  One of these was a re-imagining of Elias Paniki.

The series starred Jake Cuenca in a dual role as Elias (a witch-hunting albularyo in this version) and his own evil warlock father, Armando.  It ran for 13 episodes from May 29 to August 21, 2010.

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