Friday, August 10, 2012


Continuing Bat-Month, meet the  Dark Knight of the Rising Sun.  Created by writer/illustrator Hal Santiago, Japanese Bat ran from 1988 to 1989 in Shogun Qualikomiks Magasin, published by Graphic Arts Service, Inc.

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  1. His origin mirrors Batman's... His parents were killed when he was young, although it wasn't clear if robbery was the motive. He becomes a plainclothes vigilante at first (in disguise), but is gravely shot when he tries helping a prostitute being shaken down by gangsters (not unlike Batman : Year One). Bloodied, he makes it to his car but drives headlong into a wall, rendering him unconscious. The smell of his blood attracts some bats from a nearby cave. And in a kooky twist, the bats carry him home to his manservant, who quickly tends to his wounds. And if the bats carrying him home wasn't enough of an inspiration for him to don a bat costume, we get the "bat-crashing-through-a-window" as a final nudge for him to take up the mantle of... JAPANESE BAT!