Saturday, June 22, 2013


When Superkat left the pages of Pilipino Funny Komiks in 1983, a new superhero was needed to fill the void.  Enter Superdog, created by writer Christian del Cruz and artist Roni EscauriagaSuperdog and His Pal Tuting debuted in Funny Komiks #265 (July 15, 1983).


Asong was a weak, scrawny and sickly taho vendor who lived in the literal dog town of Azucena, along with his lone friend, an orphaned pup named Tuting.  When a gang of bikers raids the town, Asong wishes that there was something he could do to help.  As though in answer, a bone suddenly falls from the sky and bonks Asong on the head, mysteriously transforming him into a muscle-bound costumed hero; a Superdog!


Asong transforms into Superdog when he hits his head with the magic bone.  The bone was sent by mysterious entities whose true nature and origin remain unknown.  Superdog possesses super strength, speed, the ability to fly and invulnerability.  Literally a Dog of Steel, he appears to have actual metallic content in his body, which makes him vulnerable to magnetic-based attack.

We're not done yet.  Next time, we take a look at Superdog's arch-enemies!