Monday, December 21, 2015


If you've ever imagined a Star Wars/Planet of the Apes crossover-- it probably won't be anything like this.

From Pilipino Funny Komiks #272 (September 2, 1983), the Planet Opdi Eyps gets a visit from the Dark Side of the Force.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Created by writer Carl E. Bayonito and artist Lando Inolino, Botak (an inversion of the Tagalog word takbo which means "run") had a brief, er, run in the early issues of Kidlat Super Heroes Komiks.

The godson of Mercury himself, Nonong derives superhuman speed from the winged sandals of his Olympian Godfather.  In this tale from KSH#2 (June 28, 1993), Botak chases after a Palos wannabe.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

The Origin of TSUPERMAN

Let's get back to business.

Created by writer Markey and artist Louie Magbanua, Tsuperman and his magic jeepney Super J first appeared in Pilipino Funny Komiks #378 (September 13, 1985), published by Islas Filipinas Publishing Co., Inc.

Tsuperman was a unique series in that it took up only 2 pages rather than the 4 to 5-page format common to most of the action-adventure strips that ran in Funny Komiks.  Most of the stories were done-in-one, with the occassional multi-part story arc.

From the debut issue, here's the brief origin of how a simple act of kindness turned Atong the jeepney driver into an instant superhero.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Introducing... SALAGINTO!

Hi there, it's been a while.  Anyway, we interrupt the usual scope of this blog for a shameless plug.

As this blog can attest to, I've been a comic fan all my life.  But aside from that, as my other blog can attest to, I'm also an aspiring comic creator.  It has long been a dream to publish my own comics, and now I am pleased to announce that the first issue of my new online-published comic book series, Salaginto, is now available through FlipReads.

What is Salaginto?  It's a Pinoy superhero story, plain and simple, with a few twists and turns along the way, as well as a dose of satire.  It's 44 black-and-white pages of adventure, mystery, romance and humor for only 88 pesos.

I hope you'll take a chance on what my meager talents have to offer and support my initial venture into online publishing.  There's lots of cool stuff to come, I assure you.  You can purchase Salaginto #1 here.

Love.  Peace.  Respect.  Always. (^_^)

Monday, May 4, 2015

SANKARSAN (The Super Jedi): Episode 1

Created by writer-illustrator Vicatan, Sankarsan (The Super Jedi) first appeared in Speed Komiks #55 (August 23, 1986), published by Graphic Arts Service, Inc.

Of course it's plain to see where the strip drew its inspiration from.  I would describe it as a beautifully-drawn, exotic, gritty and rather violent take on Star Wars, with a dash of Hindu references thrown in.

In the first episode, The Chosen, a spaceship crash lands on Earth in the year 2535.  Its dying passenger, a Jedi named Nakula, bequeaths his droid X-PO-C to the earthling Sankarsan.  The droid tutors Sankarsan in the ways of the Jedi, but no sooner does he master them when he finds his town and his mother in grave peril.


Sunday, April 19, 2015

BATHALA: Gods vs Monsters

Written and illustrated by Joseph Caesar Sto. Domingo, Bathala debuted in Kidlat Superheroes Komiks #1 (June 21, 1993), published by Sonic Triangle Publishing, Inc.

The series deals with a super-powered alien race which crash-landed on Earth centuries ago, forming the basis for the gods and monsters of ancient mythology.  In modern times, their descendants have split into 2 factions: the heroic Raja Team One and the evil Salot ("Plague").

Here's the second chapter from KSH #2 (June 28, 1993).

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

MR. POL: The Mark of Justice!

Created by writer/artist Jun Dayo, Mr. Pol appeared from 1986 to 1988 in the pages of Pilipino Superheroes Pocketkomiks, published by Adventures Illustrated Magazines, Inc.

Tatak ng Katarungan ("Mark of Justice") is the third installment of the series from Pilipino Superheroes #57 (January 7, 1987).  Here we find Vietnam War vet Leopoldo Guerrero about to start his war on crime.  He adopts a symbol with which to identify himself.  A symbol that would strike fear into the hearts of all evildoers.  A symbol that will come to be known as the mark of justice...