Monday, October 31, 2016


Created by writer/artist Gilbert Monsanto, Deathstorm appeared in all 24 issues of Wrestle Warriors Komiks (published by Infinity Publishing Inc.) in 1993.  Like the other mainstays of that magazine, the character was based on a popular pro-wrestler of the time, namely, WWE Superstar The Undertaker.


Outworld is an afterlife dimension where the spirits of slain warriors convene to engage in never ending battle with each other.  It is also here where the celestial being known as Deathstorm stands guard over the Sphere of Infinity, which maintains the balance between good and evil throughout the universe.

When Deathstorm's power-hungry brother Zafla attempts to steal the Sphere, it breaks into several fragments which are then scattered across the Earth.  Deathstorm travels to the world of the living, inhabiting the body of a human named Jonathan, in order to recover the lost pieces and make the Sphere whole again.

The physical embodiment of death itself, who guides Deathstorm in his quest.

Deathstorm's gypsy ally and keeper of Pandora's Box.

Skull-faced, axe-wielding vigilante who possesses a fragment of the Sphere.

Deathstorm's evil brother Zafla, who has taken the human form of a voodoo sorcerer.


Deathstorm rises once again, alongside other Monsanto creations, in the 4th issue of Metropolitan, currently running online via the Rambol Komiks Magazine Facebook page.

Saturday, October 8, 2016


Created by the "Giant of Komiks" himself, Mars Ravelo, and illustrated by Edison Capili, Anak ni Booma  ("Child of Booma") first appeared in Junggaro (Wild Jungle Man) Pocketkomiks #12 (April 28, 1986) published by Atlas Publishing Co., Inc.  It is the sequel to Ravelo's 1961-62 serial Booma, about a mighty elephant in the jungles of Burma.  The new series relocates the setting to the African jungle, where Booma has become the mother of a cute white baby elephant.