Saturday, January 19, 2013

Francisco V. Coching's EL INDIO

Written and illustrated by komiks legend Francisco V. Coching, El Indio was serialized in Pilipino Komiks (published at the time by Ace Publications, Inc.) from 1952 to 1953.  The sequel to Coching's 1951 serial Ang Barbaro (a.k.a. Sabas, Ang Barbaro ("Sabas, The Barbarian")), it centered on the previous protagonist's son, a half-Spaniard, half-Filipino mestizo, who fights against oppression in colonial-era Philippines as the masked rebel El Indio.  A film adaptation was released in 1953.

Recently, the serial had been restored by artist and komiks historian Gerry Alanguilan, and a graphic novel collection was released by Vibal Foundation's Komiks Klasiks imprint in 2009.  Here is an excerpt from the book:

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Kung Tawagin Siya'y KIDLAT

Over the years, there have been several Filipino superheroes who have gone by the name Kidlat ("Lightning").  The first and most notable, of course, would be Kapitan Kidlat ("Captain Lightning"), originally a 1950's radio show which had since been adapted into a number of films.  There was also a 1960's comic book hero named simply Kidlat, as well as a 1980's television series which starred actor Ricky Davao.  And this 2013,  the TV5 network had just premiered their own TV series starring Derek Ramsay in the title role.

During the early 1990's, Sonic Triangle Publishing, Inc. came up with their own variation on the theme, appropriately enough in the pages of Kidlat Super Heroes Komiks. Debuting in the magazine's first issue on June 21, 1993,  Kung Tawagin Siya'y Kidlat ("They Call Him Lightning") was written by Mon Torres and illustrated by Vhic Arienda.


A boastful lightning elemental, Kidlat accidentally causes the death of an innocent boy, Obet.  To atone for his wrongdoing, he agrees to trade his life for the boy's, inhabiting his body to live on Earth as a mortal.  However, he is given the chance to regain his immortality by using his powers to save 20 lives.

But even after completing his required 20 good deeds, Kidlat decides to stay on Earth to continue helping those in need.  At this point, the series skips ahead a few years into the future, with a now grown-up Obet Santos as a college student and part-time newspaper reporter, while serving as the superhero Kidlat.


Initially, Obet would change into Kidlat through the use of a small magic stone, which triggered his transformation when he struck it against any surface.  Later, he could transform by simply shouting the name Kidlat.  In his hero form, he had the power of lightning at his command, as well as super strength, super speed, flight and invulnerability.



Obet's garndfather.

Obet's girlfriend.


Kidlat's friend and fellow elemental.

A fairy-like being who counsels Kidlat in his dreams.


The ruler of an underground race of demons.


Destructive creatures of living flame.

(*No, that's not really his name, he doesn't really have one.)

An agent of the King of Darkness, a serial killer who murders people in their dreams.  Any similarites to any other nightmare-inducing killers is purely coincidental.


Because every hero just has to have one, an evil clone created by the King of Darkness.