Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Tomb of DRAKULA

I realize that this is a weird subject to post for the month of December, but I've been experiencing some delays in updating this blog, and this just happens to be the only one I have on deck at the moment, so what the hey. Just think of this as a very belated Halloween post.

Anyway, ever since the Lord of Vampires first rose from his tomb in author Bram Stoker's immortal 1897 novel, Count Dracula has proven himself the Lord of All Media as well, having been the subject of countless films, and of course, comic books. In fact, his reign of terror has extended as far as the Philippine shores, as chronicled in the pages of Drakula at Iba Pang Mga Kuwentong Puno ng Lagim ("Dracula and Other Stories Full of Dread"), or simply Drakula Komiks-Magasin ("Dracula Comics-Magazine"), first published by Atlas Publishing Co., Inc. in 1988.

A weekly horror anthology title, Drakula Komiks played host to a number of short horror stories and serials, including a series of tales starring Dracula himself (or "Drakula," as his name is spelled in Filipino). Here's one from issue # 14 (May 25, 1988), Ang Kambal ("The Twin"), written by Lito Hamto and illustrated by Carlos A. Divinagracia.

Of course, despite the ending, Dracula can never truly die...