Monday, May 4, 2015

SANKARSAN (The Super Jedi): Episode 1

Created by writer-illustrator Vicatan, Sankarsan (The Super Jedi) first appeared in Speed Komiks #55 (August 23, 1986), published by Graphic Arts Service, Inc.

Of course it's plain to see where the strip drew its inspiration from.  I would describe it as a beautifully-drawn, exotic, gritty and rather violent take on Star Wars, with a dash of Hindu references thrown in.

In the first episode, The Chosen, a spaceship crash lands on Earth in the year 2535.  Its dying passenger, a Jedi named Nakula, bequeaths his droid X-PO-C to the earthling Sankarsan.  The droid tutors Sankarsan in the ways of the Jedi, but no sooner does he master them when he finds his town and his mother in grave peril.