Sunday, April 19, 2015

BATHALA: Gods vs Monsters

Written and illustrated by Joseph Caesar Sto. Domingo, Bathala debuted in Kidlat Superheroes Komiks #1 (June 21, 1993), published by Sonic Triangle Publishing, Inc.

The series deals with a super-powered alien race which crash-landed on Earth centuries ago, forming the basis for the gods and monsters of ancient mythology.  In modern times, their descendants have split into 2 factions: the heroic Raja Team One and the evil Salot ("Plague").

Here's the second chapter from KSH #2 (June 28, 1993).


  1. I remember this one back from the days the new XMen Claremont-Lee comic were taking the international comic community by storm. Sana naitago ko pa ang kopya ko nito.

  2. More of Bathala please! Eto yung pinakafavorite kong superhero series noon!

  3. Mayron ding Trigger 200 sa Terminator Comics na gawa ni Sto. Domingo. Yun naman ang sinusubaybayan ko nun