Saturday, May 7, 2011


In celebration of Mother's Day, here's one mother you wouldn't want to f*** with...


Created by writer Zoila Meneses (or simply Zoila) and artist Rudy V. Villanueva, Super Gee originally ran in the pages of Darna Komiks from 1972 to 73.


The character is best known for having been portrayed by the Superstar of Philippine movies, Nora Aunor, in a 1973 film adaptation. 


You can view a chapter of the original komiks serial at Video 48 and more images from the 1973 film at Pelikula, ATBP.



The heroine was revived in a sequel series, Supergee II, which ran from 1987 to 88 in Super Action Komiks (formerly Pocketkomiks), published by Atlas Publishing Co., Inc. Zoila returned as writer, while Romy T. Gamboa took over as artist. 


In the sequel, Gigi is a crime-busting millionairess and mother who divides her time between superheroing, tending to her business interests and caring for her family. 



Gigi's younger brother and the only other person who knows of her secret life. A mechanical genius, he is responsible for Supergee's crime-fighting gadgets.  





Gigi's eldest daughter. 








Gigi's young son.  







Gigi's youngest daughter.  





Gigi's husband, the head of a mining company. He is out on business in Africa for the duration of the series.




Robin's classmate, who helps him build a ghost-catching device.  







The adventurous daughter of Don Melo Corales, a wealthy plantation owner in Cotabato. After a giant bird (actually an alien spaceship) ravages her father's plantation and abducts several people (including her younger brother), she teams up with Supergee to fight the beings responsible.





An ex-con who wants revenge against Supergee for sending him to jail. 










A massive bird-like alien who plans to turn the Earth into an airfield for his people's spaceships.


Supergee almost appeared on television in a 2006 episode of the ABS-CBN series Komiks. Starring actress Judy Ann Santos in the title role, the episode had actually been filmed, but was never aired.



In 2009, US-based Filipino artist Dell Barras posted designs he had made for a proposed Supergee revival. You can view the rest of his designs on his blog Sketchpad.




  1. Finally! I was just about to make a request for this comics character. I'd like to think it ranks 2nd only to "Darna" in popularity, having been made into a movie by Nora Aunor. It's nice to see some of the panels from the revived comics, any more of these? But I would especially like to see the original strips done by RV Villanueva, which I think are the very best of "Super Gee". Oh, btw, Zoila is much more ahead pala of Gerry Alanguilan (check out on-line the fat market vendor that "Darna" has become in his proposed update) in bringing a Pinoy superheroine into the modern times. I've mixed emotions about a "Super Gee" with 3 children, but I admire the effort.

  2. ay, ano ba yan! ang problema ko dito sa super gee 2 ay naging all-red ang outfit ng bida. ano siya, si "daredevil" (o si "hot stuff")??? yung orig ay all-black ang costume na parang "batman/batgirl" at okay lang yun. super sexy pa nga! pero itong red outfit ay panget! pangeet!! pangeeet talaga!!! hindi kaya ni gamboa mag-drawing ng mga superheroes. bakit pumayag si zoila na gawing katawa-tawa ang hitsura ni super gee. hindi siya improvement, noh? (belen makipot, venezuela, bulacan)

  3. mas okay yung update ni dell barras sa costume ni super gee. kaya lang, ay, nawala ang kapa! at nagmukhang ninja si super gee with that sword or katana or whatever. naku, di rin namamaril si super gee ah. pero okay, sa kabuoan, pasa sa kaseksihan itong version ni barras. kesa naman sa all-red shapeless creation ni gamboa. ngiiiiii!!! (belen m of v, bulacan)

  4. Super Gee's kids appear to have been based on Nora Aunor's real life children. Maybe if they had made it into a film back then, they all could have appeared in it.

    Super Gee is one of those characters that everybody's heard of, but know very little about. If there was only some way to re-release those old comics and movies.

  5. @ belen makipot

    Okay din sa kin yung ninja design ni Dell Barras. Yung isang design na naka fishnet stocking sa katawan, hindi gaano.

    Wala naman akong problema dun sa red costume, pero nakasanayan ko na lang siguro. Ano kayang tingin mo sa costume ni Juday?

    Kilala mo pala si Hot Stuff. Weird non, ano? Demonyo ginawang cartoon character?

  6. dioskupo, thanks for asking! ay, mabuti na lang hindi natuloy ang tv version ni juday. susmariosep, anobayan, ginawa namang "green lantern" si super gee! kalokah. parang iniisa-isa ang colors of the rainbow, ah! nagiging cheap si super gee pag ganito, parang kung saan-saan na lang kinokopya. classic sa aking yung version ni villanueva. kasi kung si darna gawin mong mukhang sailor moon ang costume eh hindi na si darna yun di ba. same thing with supergee, pag wala flowing cape, the dark colors (black, gray, purple), the head mask and "madonna" steel bra eh hindi na super gee yun... (belen, bulacan)

  7. Walang 'dating' ang red costume. Buti pa yung 1973 costume, ang sexy! Ito namang kay Barras na may sword at baril, parang hindi yata Super Gee yan (kung ninja, eh meron ng Karatecha Da Pinay Ninja noong late 80's). Maganda siguro kung bikini, para sexy.

  8. Belen Makipot, you'e a blast! But my sentiments exatly. The black outfit was kinda sexy and mysterious. It helped that RVillanueva was soooo very good with the details. The red costume by Gamboa fell flat, those of Barras were a bit of drastic departures from the original we know. Now, I'm sure any revival of Super Gee would probably entail some modifications in the costume but perhaps nothing very different from the original. BTW, RVillanueva was also responsible for illustrating Gemma, Ang Babaing Kidlat (filmed with Vangie Pascual) and Roma Amor (again with Nora, like Super Gee). Anyone remember Elektra (drawn by Al Cabral), with the wheelchair-bound teenager as her alter ego? What about Justice Lady, blindfolded heroine cum lawyer (or was it court reporter) by day, serialized in Wakasan or Sweetheart Komiks? The superheroes/heroines of the past were more interesting IMHO coz while they might take inspiration from their foreign counterparts, they retained a Pinoy sensibility. The more recent ones were out-and-out copies of foreign titles! -A.C.

  9. She is a crime fighting heiress and a mother of three children and daughter of a businessman/philanthropist based from a novel by Zoila Memeses made into a 1973 live action film portrayed by Nora Aunor then 40 years later to reinstate a character with a brand new look and new improved superheroine for the new millenium The New Adventures of Supergee the adventure begins coming to comics television adaptation of a comicbook
    series and live action television series from the creators of Juan dela Cruz
    to be filming by the spring of 2014 shooting is under way coming soon...Thanks for the information.From:Wayne

  10. okay basta ang brand-new look ay wag gawing mukang daredevil o green lantern o aquaman.. study the original comic book novel, be faithful to the original concept and spirit of the character... at cnu nmana kaya ang super gee nio ngaun, aber? yung mukang sexy sa form-fitting black outfit dpat ha!

  11. Toni Gonzaga as Gigi/Supergee a new character for the new television series /teleserye soon to be filmed in 2015 next year by ABS-CBN network.Thanks! From:Wayne.

  12. Gigi is the original character in the comics, whose alter ego is Super Gee. Toni Gonzaga would be fabulous in this role! Yes, let's put the "Gee!" back into "Super Gee" with Toni G.