Friday, April 29, 2011


Tauros was the 2nd place entry in Super Action Pocketkomiks' Original Super-Hero Drawing Contest in 1986. Created by one Apollo B. Atillo from Angeles City, the character was unveiled in Super Action #26 (February 12, 1986).

As part of the prize, Tauros was made into an 8-page story that appeared in Super Action #35 (April 16, 1986), written by Oumar Urriza and drawn by Brix A. Bartolo.

The hero was a 12th century Viking warrior who was blinded and brutally murdered by his enemies. Pleading to the Norse god Odin that his death was unjust, Tauros is sent back to modern-day Earth, reincarnated as a naturally-blind Filipino farmer, Francisco "Isko" San Jose. Eventually, Isko discovers his true identity after a brush with some evildoers...

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