Monday, November 1, 2010

KUMANDER BAWANG - Kalaban ng mga Aswang

In keeping with the Halloween spirit (though it's All Saints' Day by now), here's another non-komiks post as we take a brief look at--

Kumander Bawang, Kalaban ng mga Aswang ("Commander Garlic, Enemy of the Aswang") was a 1988 comedy-horror-fantasy film. Herbert Bautista (Ninja Kids, the 1986 Captain Barbell) starred as Tikboy, a hapless lad who discovers his late father was a fearless aswang-slayer. Inheriting his father's mystical garlic-shaped pendant, he must use its power to become the aswang-busting superhero Kumander Bawang.
Here's a short clip from the movie:

18 years later, Bautista reprised the role in the 2006 ABS-CBN television series Super Inggo. In the show, he becomes the headmaster of the Power Academy, a school for young superheroes. He also gets a new Matrix/X-Men inspired black leather outfit, which looks boring, in my opinion. The old green-and-orange costume may have looked tacky, but it did have more character.

As of late, a number of 1980's Pinoy fantasy films have been remade, such as the recent Petrang Kabayo and the upcoming Super Inday. So don't be surprised if we see a new Kumander Bawang hitting the screens in the future. If it does happen, I hope they give him a costume more like his original suit.

And they should keep the theme song, too.

Next up on our post-Halloween aswang double-bill: Alyas Aswang!

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