Monday, November 1, 2010


Mike Relon Makiling is perhaps best remembered today as a screenwriter/film director. His works include the screenplay for Celso Ad. Castillo's classic 1974 horror film Patayin Mo sa Sindak si Barbara and helming a string of 1980's comedies starring Tito, Vic and Joey. Prior to these, however, he had already been an accomplished komiks writer. He made a return to the komiks field in 1993 with Alyas Aswang, which was illustrated by Alejandro C. Sanchez and first appeared in Shake, Rattle & More Komiks #19 (June 28, 1993), published by Sonic Triangle Publishing, Inc.

Alyas Aswang was, obviously, a superhero who just happened to be an aswang. Like that creature of Philippine folklore, he could change his form to that of any fierce animal. In addition, he could also fly and split his body at the waist like a manananggal.

He also possesed super-sharp senses of smell and hearing, and his body was so slippery that bullets and other types of ammunition would only bounce off him.

One unique power he had was bilocation, or the ability to appear in two places at once. He could also control men's minds with his hypnotic gaze.

Still scared of aswangs? Then go see Kumander Bawang!


  1. I haven't heard of this superhero, but the premise sounds great. I also like the costume, it seemed like he really didn't want to look scary, although it doesn't jibe with his codename. The art was also much better compared to what was coming out during those days.

  2. I always thought the name "Alyas Aswang" had kind of a humorous ring to it. I also found it funny that the torch-bearing villagers were actually cheering him rather than chasing him.

  3. This is my favorite superhero from Philippines. He is very unique and I love his characterization.