Saturday, April 29, 2017


Not to be confused with Marvel's Star-Lord (who actually was co-created by Filipino artist Steve Gan), space-faring adventurer Perseus the Starlord was the mainstay of Atlas Publishing Co., Inc.'s Starlord Pocketkomiks  from 1985 to 1986.

I'm not sure who created the character (though from the illustration above, it appears he may have been designed by Rod Santiago), but a number of writers and artists worked on the series during its run.  This 2-part tale from issues 22 to 23 (May 1-8, 1986) was written by Roger Nicolas, with artwork credited to Capital.

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  1. He was featured on the cover of issue 1, but actually debuted in issue 2, drawn by Renn Maglalang, and no writer credited. The next issue I have is issue 6, where he was written by Rico Bello Omagap, with art by Freddie Fernandez. This series was a rarity in the Philippines in that it didn't have just one regular writer/artist team. The creators would change per storyline. Oh, and the Capital you mentioned above would be MEL Capital.