Saturday, March 25, 2017


Back-to-back knock-offs this month, this one of a certain team of teenagers with attitude.  Created by writer Armand Campos and artist Ariel Padilla, Pinoy Rangers premiered as a back-up strip in the 30th issue of Batang X Komiks (November 13, 1995), published by Sonic Triangle Publishing Inc.

While hiking on Mount Anahaw, a group of teenagers fall into a cavern where they meet Orisha, the Prime Goddess and protector of the mountain.

She asks for their help against Haring Itim (Black King), who has awakened from his (presumably 10,000-year) long slumber, and is bent on conquering the Earth and destroying nature.

To battle the Black King, Orisha bestows the teens with the powers of various animals.  Their leader, Biboy becomes Agila ("Eagle"), Jake is Kuwago ("Owl"), Maila is Musang ("Civet"), the nimble Gigi is Usa ("Deer"), and Dino, the strongest of the group, is Tamaraw ("Buffalo").

When Batang X #30 turned out to be that magazine's final issue, the Rangers were moved to the pages of Video Sonic Comix, beginning with its  first issue on December 18, 1995.

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