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Sort of a cross between Kamen Rider and Super Gee, Turbogirl first appeared in Lastikman Komiks #1 (September 28, 1995), published by Graphic Arts Service, Inc.  The series was written by Primus Inter Pares and drawn by Rudy V. Villanueva, who incidentally was the artist on the original Super Gee strip.


Gigi (sharing the same real name as Super Gee) was the daughter of Dr. Honda, scientist for Kawazake Industries and co-inventor of the GEE-2001, a high-tech motorcycle described as having "the firepower of a warplane and the intelligence of the smartest computer."

However, its designer, Dr. Gore, planned to use the GEE-2001 for evil purposes and orders Dr. Honda's assassination.  But before he dies, Honda passes on the vehicle's control device to his daughter.

Once activated, Gigi is instantly transformed into the high-riding heroine Turbogirl.  Vowing vengeance, she uses the GEE-2001 to battle the evil machinations of Dr. Gore.


Turbogirl's motorcycle, the GEE-2001, is equipped with various advanced gadgets and weaponry, and is also capable of flight.  But the real source of her powers is the GEE-2001's control device, Turbo.  Gigi transforms into her heroic alter-ego by pressing its button and shouting "Turbo!"

As Turbogirl, Gigi posseses superhuman strength and agility.  Her finishing moves are her Turbo Kick and Turboblast, a powerful burst of energy that she can fire from her hands.


Turbogirl's arch-foe, a mad scientist who seeks world domination (yeah, that's original) through his twisted creations, the Monster Fighters.

A giant mechanized rat.


A Monster Fighter sent to steal the country's rice supplies.  He has the ability to breathe fire, as well as spit out gigantic metal "rice grains."

A nuclear-powered Monster Fighter, formerly the President of the "fictional" nation of Franciu (a reference to real-life French President Jacques Chirac, who was behind the controversial nuclear tests at the time).  Seeking to bring the world to its knees, he asks Dr. Gore for the ultimate weapon.  Instead, he turns him into one.

A diamond-based Monster Fighter, he can fire sharp diamond projectiles and roll himself into a super-hard diamond ball, but is vulnerable to high temperatures.

A Monster Fighter with the power to produce devastating hurricanes.

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  1. I believe this is a complete rip-off of "Super Gee." Hehe! At any rate, I'd trust Rudy Villanueva to draw a superhero/ine material. He's that good but I believe the overall deterioration of the komiks industry affected his work on "TurboGirl." Mr. Rudy's best work can be seen in the original "Super Gee" as well as in "Gemma, ang Babaeng Kidlat" and "Roma Amor." Need we wonder why all of these komiks serials were actually turned into movies?