Tuesday, February 14, 2012

DINO, Son of ZUMA: Blind Date with a Dinosaur

"I love you, you love me..."

Dino was one of the bizarre characters made famous in Jim Fernandez and Ben Maniclang's long-running Aliwan Komiks serial, Anak ni Zuma (1976-1984). The dinosaur-headed son of the Aztec demigod Zuma has also been portrayed on film, appearing in the 1987 sequel based on the serial.

During the mid-1990's, Grahic Arts Service, Inc. published Zuma And Other Amazing Stories (or Zuma Komiks, for short). The anthology featured the further adventures of the sinister snake-man (Zuma The Series), while another strip, Mga Anak ni Zuma ("The Children of Zuma") was devoted to his offspring Galema and, of course, Dino.

In this short tale from Zuma Komiks #112 (December 29, 1995), we find that Dino has been playing Lizard King of the Jungle, living in peace and harmony with his animal friends. But then, an injured and blinded young woman enters his life...


  1. Is his name pronounced as Dye-No or Dee-No?

  2. I think it's Dee-No.

  3. They are descendants of snake warrior sons and daughters of legendary serpent-hero from Mexico from Jim Fernandez novels of all time in severalovies tv sequels and spinoffs of Zuma tales remains a iconic characters became famous as a villain than a hero still invincible in that story also appeared in pinoy comics characters:darna,capt.barbell,machete,capt.kidlat,Valentina,kenkoy,capt.boom,varga,dragonna etc.thanks for the information send e-mail to your comments.from:Wayne

  4. Who will play the serpent warrior-king o spired from a popular scifi novels by Jim Fernandez who will choose to portray Dingdong Dantes is the latest role based from the original 1980's film by Max Laurel as the hero/villain in a comic book fantasy story Zuma:The Snake King coming to GMA Films-Octoarts Pictures filming this year of 2013-14 coming soon...thanks for the information about your comments in your opinion .from:Wayne

  5. Zuma he is the Adonis of snakes move over Mightor & He-Man!!!!!!!!! Thanks!!!from:Wayne