Friday, August 12, 2011

PLANET OPDI EYPS - Bardagol en da Smarps

Debuting in 1978, Planet Opdi Eyps was perhaps the longest-running series in Pilipino Funny Komiks (published by Islas Filipinas Publishing Co., Inc.). A spoof of the classic Planet of the Apes film series, it was created by cartoonist Roni Santiago. The strip was recently revived in the indie comic anthology Boink! Comics (published by CoRE Studios).

One of the series' popular characters is the overgrown baby ape, Bardagol. Strong and kind-hearted, this gentle giant is a superhero in his own right. In this strip from Funny Komiks #387 (November 15, 1985), Bardagol meets a family of tiny blue creatures who look awfully familiar...