Saturday, August 6, 2011


Atom Man was the 1st place winner in Super Action Pocketkomiks' Original Super-Hero Drawing Contest. Unveiled in Super Action #26 (February 12, 1986), the character was created by Ramon G. Gimena of Bacolod Irosin, Sorsogon.

As part of the prize, Atom Man was made into an 8-page story which appeared in Super Action #32 (March 26, 1986), written by Edwin Samonte and illustrated by Manny Pantaleon.

The son of a brilliant scientist, Ram explores his late father's old basement laboratory. There, he finds his father's greatest creation: a "wonder pill" containing the elements of atomic energy.

Upon swallowing the pill, Ram becomes imbued with superhuman abilities. He also finds a specially-made costume which he wears to become the atomic-powered superhero, Atom Man.

Atom Man posseses super strength, invulnerability, ultra telescopic vision, supersonic speed, and the power of flight.

The atom sign on Atom Man's palm is a warning system that beeps when danger is afoot.

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