Saturday, July 9, 2011

KROKO - Takas sa Zoo

In 2007, controversial "komiks king" Carlo J. Caparas attempted to revive the flagging mainstream komiks industry by launching a new line of comic magazines published under Sterling Publishing. One of them was Klasik Komiks, which debuted on September 14, 2007. Among the anthology title's featured serials was Kroko: Takas sa Zoo ("Kroko: Escapee from the Zoo"), about a giant crocodile on a deadly rampage. Caparas himself wrote the series, which boasted of some incredible artwork from the rightfully-proclaimed Philippines' Greatest Illustrator, Hal Santiago.


Klasik Komiks lasted for only 9 issues, while the rest of Caparas' komiks line likewise failed to catch on. As he is wont to do, "CJC" again leaves the local comics industry for the film industry, taking his creations with him. Last year, he produced and directed a TV adaptation of Kroko, which was broadcast on IBC 13. Unfortunately, Hal Santiago's magnificent monstrosity in the original comics was reduced to a laughably obvious fake rubber crocodile in the TV version.

But it seems as though CJC just has an affinity for crocs (political acquaintances aside). Just last week, TV5 premiered a new television series, Bangis ("Fierceness/Ferocity"), which is supposed to be an adaptation of an earlier Caparas croc-comic, Pangil ("Fang" or even "Jaws"), itself filmed in 1986 as Matatalim na Pangil sa Gubat ("Sharp Fangs in the Forest/Wilderness"). The difference, however, is that Pangil was a straight-up thriller, while the fantasy-oriented Bangis is about the friendship between a young boy and a giant, friendly, TALKING crocodile. I watched a few episodes, and it's basically, meh. Gotta admit, though, the giant CGI crocodile looks kind of interesting.

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  1. Hal Santiago = awesome. Dunno if I'd call him the greatest, but he's up there!

    CJC, not so much. Ravelo is the Komiks King. No one can take that from him.