Saturday, December 4, 2010

BIOTROG: Bring On the Bad Guys

What's a hero without an arch-villain or two? Or three? Or, hell, an entire angry mob screaming for his blood? In this installment, we round up the usual suspects in Biotrog's rogues gallery.

Biotrog's "prototype," Biolante was the first recepient of Dr. Wang's cyborg technology, as well as his first adopted son. He went on to become an international assassin, until he was imprisoned following a failed mission. He returns seeking vengeance against Dr. Wang (who he felt had turned his back on him) and his foster brother Roger/Biotrog. Biolante appeared to die in battle against Biotrog, but was later resurrected after an alien entity merged with his body.
Biolante's bionic right arm conceals a set of retractable cybernetic claws similar to Biotrog's. After merging with the alien, he could mutate his left arm into a scaly, clawed, monstrous form. He could also shoot powerful energy blasts he calls his "Beta Beam" from his eyes.

Biolante appears to have a love/hate relationship with Biotrog, as he is just as likely to save his "brother" as he is to kill him.

The leader of the very same crime syndicate responsible for the murder of Roger Summers' parents. The Syndicate's symbol is a hawk's head tattooed on the left arm.

Ripper's weapons of choice were a pair of samurai swords. He also appeared to be capable of long-distance hypnotism. He was later killed (and his Syndicate taken over) by the ninja assassin Koji.


Ripper's brother, who tried to wrest control of the Syndicate on the same night the Summers were murdered. Failing that, Iron Claw formed his own splinter group, distinguished from the original Syndicate by placing the hawk's head symbol on the chest.

Iron Claw was later killed by the vigilante extremist Mr. Grey.

A ninja assassin hired by Ripper to elminate Biotrog, Koji killed Ripper instead and took over as the Syndicate's new leader.

Koji later had his left foot sliced off in a fight with Biotrog. He was eventually fitted with a cybernetic foot by an alien of the same species as the one Biolante had merged with. He would also acquire telekinetic powers he calls his "Super Eye" after praying to an evil goddess.

The victim of a grave injustice, Edmund Grey exacted murderous revenge on the criminals who stole from his family and raped his two daughters. Disillusioned with the system, he then set his sights on corrupt government officials, police officers and businessmen.

A master-level black ninja, Mr. Grey often matched wits with the cyborg vigilante Biotrog, their conflict as much a clash of martial art prowess as it is of their radically opposing views on justice. But eventually, Grey saw the error of his ways and turned himself in. He later died heroically trying to stop a prison break.

Mr. Grey's twin brother Bernard would become an ally of Biotrog as the Red Ninja.


A chess-based criminal organization led by a crime boss known only as the Black King, with the beautiful and dangerous Black Queen ruling by his side. The Black King's two advisors, the "Bishops," are actual bishops turned crooked. A pair of sadistic killers are the group's "Knights," while eight foot soldiers serve as their "Pawns."


A rival gang to the Black King's group. Headed by King Cobra, other members include Tetsi, Mason and Beret.


Not to be confused with-- uh, some botanist up in Gotham, THIS Poison Ivy is an assassin for hire who employs poison gas (hence the name) and a fan that shoots out blades at her targets. A rose with a strong scent and really sharp thorns. She has been seen working for both the War Claws and King Cobra.


A faceless mud-monster spawned from toxic waste, No-Face attacks with devastating sonic waves, and almost nothing can harm its malleable body except for fire and ice.

The creature later merges with an escaped convict named George, transforming him into the new No-Face (Never mind the fact that he does HAVE a face this time out).


An evil ninja clan master who harbors a vendetta against Bernard Grey's family.

In later appearances, he is actually referred to as "Akuma," but let's just call him by his more original name.


The evil deity worshipped by Koji, she was responsible for giving him his "Super Eye" (dig that crazy name).


A bloodthirsty demon who assumes Biotrog's form, it takes the combined forces of Biotrog and fellow Kick Fighter hero Kahddim to stop him.


Dr. Wang's real son, who rebelled and turned to the dark side. He plots to destroy Roger and take his place as the new Biotrog.


Yondabis' messenger, and... Yeah, that's about it.

I knew there was a reason I posted this. December 5 is the International Day of the Ninja. Happy Ninja Day, everybody!

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