Saturday, June 12, 2010


Created by writer/artist Rod Santiago, Kapitan Aksiyon ("Captain Action" in English) first appeared in Super Action Pocketkomiks #1 (August 1985), published by Atlas Publishing Co., Inc.

Gabriel De Dios was a newspaper reporter and son of a renowned scientist. During a lab accident, he was struck by an "atomic fireball." Miraculously, he survived, but exposure to the radiation had apparently imbued him with superhuman abilities.

Gabriel demonstrates his super strength by bending a steel bar with his bare hands. Confident that he had indeed been transformed into a superman, he then proceeds to test his invulnerability by putting a gun to his head.

Kids, do not try this at home.

Fortunately for Gabriel, his claims of immortality prove to be accurate, and he resolves to use his newfound powers to fight evil. To complete his superhero transformation, his scientist-father outfits him in a heat-resistant costume and a cape that allows him to fly just by willing it.

Think happy thoughts...

He goes out on patrol, and for his first outing, he rescues a young woman from a gang of would-be rapists.

After the thugs have been rounded up, the rescued woman asks for her hero's name, to which he replies, "Efren."

Just kidding.

Anyway, the woman also remarks on the swiftness of Gabriel's actions, which gives him the idea for his new name: Kapitan Aksiyon.

In the sequence below, taken from Super Action Pocketkomiks #11 (October 31, 1985), the so-called Hari ng Katarungan ("King of Justice") busts up a good old-fashioned bank robbery.

Next time, we take a look at Kapitan Aksiyon's friends and foes.


  1. Hey, I remember reading pocket komiks before, but my mind is a bit hazy. I do remember Kapitan Aksiyon a little bit but that's it.
    This site is a relief. I can use your uploaded images to make some custom figures (if I get some time to do them).

    This hero looks like someone I've seen in the roster of DC Universe Figures.

  2. Hey, first comment, cool! Thanks for dropping by, Prof, and stay tuned for more. I've got quite a large collection.

    Yeah, I wish I could make custom figures myself, but I don't have the skill for it. And Kapitan Aksiyon does somewhat resemble the Golden Age Starman, so you might be thinking of him.

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  4. @komiklopedia

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    I'm really puzzled as to why. Was there something in my blog you found offensive somehow? Did I do something wrong, or was it something I failed to do? You could have just told me about it instead of leaving me paranoid like this.

    Whatever the case may be, I truly appreciated your past comment. I hope you're still with us, and I hope I do right by you somehow.

    Peace. Love. Respect. Always.


  5. Hi Aris:

    I still visit your blog regularly. As i said before, your site is a "milestone" to all komiks enthusiasts out there. Kakaunti lang ang mga katulad natin na may ganitong site patungkol sa komiks. At dahil ito sa pagmamahal natin sa kulturang naging bahagi na ng buhay natin...

    I was trying to edit my comment pero i accidentally deleted it... Nothing to worry bro...

    If you have Facebook account, i am glad to see you there..