Saturday, June 26, 2010


Kapitan Aksiyon was the flagship character of Super Action Pocketkomiks, which was first published in 1985. The weekly magazine's pocket-sized format proved so popular at the time that it spawned several spin-offs and imitations, such as Ninja Pocketkomiks, Speed and Pilipino Superheroes.

Super Action was eventually upgraded to a full-sized comic book starting with its 102nd issue (July 28, 1987).

A short-lived Super Action revival ran monthly from 1998-99, but Kapitan Aksiyon himself did not reappear until its 8th issue. No longer the book's main attraction, he alternated with its new star, no less than the premier Filipina superheroine herself, Darna.


  1. Rod Santiago really loved to swipe from US comics. I can see a few ones up there that I recognize. And it's not just images, but he'd swipe story situations, like the one where Kap goes to the insect planet. It was swiped from the John Carter back-ups in the DC Tarzan books. :)

  2. Yeah, I even recognized some stuff from Superman and Teen Titans issues that I owned. A lot of artists swipe every now and then, but it's not exclusive to local comics, they do that overseas too. But there was this one artist, Jun Dayo, who was a really notorious swiper. I'll be reviewing his stuff in the future.

  3. I'm guilty of swiping, too, during my early years of doing komiks. Everyone does it, even the greats.

    Oh yeah, Jun Dayo. Part of the fun with Jun Dayo's art is spotting and remembering the particular comic he swiped from. Mister Pol from Pilipino Superheroes Pocketkomiks is a personal favorite of mine. I've actually met him one time. A nice guy. This was after the "masa komiks" disappeared. He was doing storyboards. I'm quite sure he wasn't swiping anymore. :)

  4. Jun Dayo is making his comeback, I see he's doing a remake of his past works... he just recently join komikon this year with a new title. I think he finally decided to do something different now.