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Created by writer D.G. Salonga and artist Abel Laxamana, Laser Man blasted through Super Action Pocketkomiks (published by Atlas Publishing Co., Inc.) from 1985 to '86.


Tragedy befalls Elmo Salazar and his wife Lirio when a group of criminals break into their home.

The house is looted.  Lirio is raped and murdered in front of her husband.  Then the ring leader, Elmo's evil stepmother Varga, adds injury to insult by gouging his eyes out.

Elmo is shot and left for dead.  The gruesome crime makes headlines.

The news reaches an unnamed scientist who turns out to be Elmo's old mentor.  The Professor visits the hospital where his critically-injured student is admitted.  By coincidence, he arrives at the same time as the three masterminds behind the crime, who have come to finish the job.

Overhearing their conversation, the Professor starts a small fire in the restroom and steals Elmo away while everyone is distracted.  He brings him to his home laboratory, performing an experimental procedure and fitting him with a new pair of mechanical eyes.

When Elmo recovers, the Professor explains his artificial eyes' capabilities, such as enhanced vision, and the ability to shoot laser beams.  Unfortunately, the criminals are able to track them down.  The Professor instructs Elmo to destroy his lab.

Elmo and the Professor make their escape, but the latter is shot during the attempt.  With his dying breath, he tells Elmo to keep himself hidden and use his new powers to fight evil.

As per the Professor's last request, Elmo returns to the ruins of his mentor's home where he unearths a chest full of money and jewelry to help him on his mission.  Honoring his vow, Elmo begins his secret crusade against crime as "the man with the metal eyes," the burning light in the darkness known as The Laser Man.


Elmo can emit focused beams of light and heat from his mechanized eyes.  Controlled by a computer implanted in his chest, he can vary the width and intensity of the lasers, from a thin, barely-visible beam---

---to a searing, destructive death ray.

He also possesses infra-red night vision, x-ray vision--

--heightened senses, and he could intercept radio transmissions as well.

(If he was revived today, he'd probably have wi-fi.)

To recharge his powers, Elmo must occasionally absorb a massive amount of electricity (such as from a lightning strike) into his body.



The three conspirators against the Salazars.  Varga Ramirez wants revenge on her ingrate stepson Elmo.  Malto Aguilar lusts after Lirio, who had rejected him.  Dalton Amigo is just in it for the money.


 Four sisters, wealthy, beautiful young socialites--

--who moonlight as armed terrorists.


A gang of motorcycle-riding costumed criminals comprised of trained athletes. 



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  1. Glad to see you are still making content on here from time to time dude :) I feel like so much of the history of the Philippine's comic industry might be lost if it weren't for your blog.