Thursday, December 5, 2013

SUPERDOG Cover Gallery

Superdog ran in Pilipino Funny Komiks for 7 years, from issue no. 265 (July 15, 1983) to 637 (August 31, 1990).  Written by Christian del Cruz and originally illustrated by Roni G. Escauriaga, later stories would be drawn by Louie G. Escauriaga and Louie Magbanua.

18 years later, Superdog made a brief comeback, under the pen of original artist Roni Escauriaga, when Pilipino Funny Komiks was revived for a very short-lived run in 2008.

Proving you can't keep a good dog down, Superdog would fly anew in the second issue of CORE Studio's Boink! Comics in 2011.

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