Thursday, February 14, 2013


Pilipino Komiks #87 - Art by Nestor Redondo

Since her debut in the very first Darna serial in Pilipino Komiks (1950-51), the snake-haired Valentina has been one of the great Filipina superheroine's most enduring foes.  A frequent antagonist in the many film and television adaptations through the years, the tragic Serpent Queen returned to the comic pages when Mango Comics launched their 3-issue English-language Darna revival in 2003.  Below are some selected images of Valentina (and Darna's in there somewhere, too) from that mini-series.

Mars Ravelo's Darna #2- Art by Lan Medina


Mars Ravelo's Darna #3 - Art by Gilbert Monsanto

The origin of Valentina and the planet Marte - 2003 version

Read the original Valentina saga on Video 48.

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