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Billy The Dragon (also spelled as Billy D' Dragon) first appeared in Kick Fighter Komiks #58 (March 7, 1994), published by Infinity Publishing Inc. The first 17 chapters were written by Andy Beltran and drawn by Fern Lucero. Jet Orbida and Jay Jimenez took over as writer and artist respectively starting with KF #75 (July 4, 1994). Just like in most of the other KF serials, the main characters were modeled (or inspired, or ripped-off, whichever you prefer) on those from the Street Fighter video games.


The first several episodes followed the title character, Billy, and his arch-rival Apache, Indian brave from the tribe of Kekakeka, as they try to outwit each other in search of the fabled Rosetta Stone.

Now, there is, of course, a real-life Rosetta Stone, which was an ancient slab of granite with inscriptions that became a key to understanding Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. The one in the comic, however, was a mystical gem (actually one of two) that granted vast power to whomever possessed it.

After 20-plus issues of Billy and Apache trying to kill each other in the wilderness over a rock, they were then sent on a series of adventures through time and space, forced to team-up in order to survive.

During their adventure in the 25th century, they meet a mysterious old sage named Aman, who convinces them to set aside their differences and use the power of the Rosetta Stone for the good of mankind.


Billy and Apache both possessed natural fighting and survival skills. After they were empowered by the Rosetta Stones, they gained the ability to fly and shoot energy blasts from their hands. Apart from this, Billy could also breathe fire like his namesake, while Apache could make himself grow to gigantic size (just don't call him "Chief").



An immortal scientist who seeks to help humanity evolve to a higher level and attain spiritual enlightenment.


Aman's young assistant and leader of the Baslit, a colony of genetically-enhanced children bred by Aman himself.

The leader of an alien race that had taken over Ancient Egypt. Prior to this, the aliens had been experimenting on Earthlings (presumably kick-starting the evolution of man) and manipulating the Earth's climate since prehistoric times. One of their test subjects turned out to be the immortal Aman. Realizing that his kind's years of conquest had corrupted their once noble ideology, Lordo orders his people to change their ways and becomes an ally to Billy and Apache. He also held the other half of the Rosetta Stones, and is responsible for Billy and Apache's new super powers.


An army of evil mutant warriors ruling the post-apocalyptic world of the 25th century (incorrectly identified as the year 2500). They love garbage and hate cleanliness. Pictured below is their queen Rena Kena, along with Oneno (the midget in the hockey mask) and Aproid (the big goon in the helmet).

Rena Kena's pet mutant dinosaur.


Part-puma, part horse. 'Nuff said.
"Natatawa ako, hee-hee-hee-hee!"


Child-like evil genius from the planet Alta.


When KF was revamped as Kick Fighter II with issue #118 (May 1, 1995), Billy was transferred to a new serial entitled Zero Gravity, while Apache starred in Blakaduka - Death Land. They would later be reunited in the 1996 Kick Fighter III series Doom Warriors.


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