Sunday, October 9, 2011

LASTIKDOG - Lastikman's Best Friend

Since October 4 was World Animal Day, and October 9 was the birthday of komiks legend Mars Ravelo, I thought I'd feature this character who, while not a Ravelo creation, is affiliated with one of his greatest heroes.

Lastikdog first appeared in 1995 in the pages of Lastikman Komiks (where else?), and later in Aliwan Komiks. The series was written by Jeffrey Marcelino Ong, with art by Larry Santiago and Zer Hipolito.

Trojan was an intelligent pet dalmatian owned by Dr. Manuel De Lastico, who also happened to be the superhero Lastikman.

One day, while his master was away, Trojan spotted a passing pickup truck carrying a female dog at the back. Infatuated, Trojan follows the truck to the house of an eccentric scientist named Professor Pakto.

As the dogs were playing, Trojan knocked over a container of chemicals that the professor was working on. He then proceeded to drink the chemical that spilled on the floor.

The formula gave Trojan shape-shifting abilities similar to those of his master's. He would go on to follow in his owner's footsteps, using his newfound powers to fight evil as Lastikdog. All the while, Lastikman is totally unaware of his pet's crime-fighting activities!

Come to think of it, wouldn't it reflect badly on Lastikman as a superhero that a crime happens right under his nose, and his pet is the one who responds to it?


  1. Thank you for posting this, Aris. Very much appreciated. There's a point in the series where Lastikman becomes jealous and insecure with his pet Trojan. However, they eventually agreed to fight bad guys together. Unfortunately, Lastikdog died in the end after rescuing a baby Dalmatian from a burning establishment.