Monday, September 19, 2011


Ahoy, maties! This day of September the 19th be International Talk Like a Pirate Day, and for this edition of ye olde blog we take a gander at a bold buccaneer of our very own...

Captain Crossbone sailed through the pages of Aguila Qualikomiks (published by Graphic Arts Service, Inc.) in the year of our Lord 1986. Created by the finest illustrator on these southeastern shores, Hal Santiago, this valiant voyager took to the seas to avenge the (consensual?) rape and murder of his wife (but don't feel too bad for him, laddies. The faithless cold-hearted wench had it coming).


If any of ye landlubbers caught the second Pirates of the Caribbean film, you might recall the scene where ol' Captain Jack battled atop a giant rolling wheel. Well, they ain't got nothing on this sequence from Aguila Qualikomiks #31 and 32 (October 4-11, 1986), as our fearless captain and his arch-nemesis dueled each other atop massive rolling boulders!

Worry not, fair maiden. The best man won.

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