Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day, ZUMA - Love, GALEMA

Fatherly love.
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Galema, daughter of Zuma, has always been an important part of the Aztec anti-hero's mythos since her introduction in the long-running Aliwan Komiks serial, Anak ni Zuma (1976-1984). Raised by human foster parents, Galema never saw eye-to-eye with her natural father, choosing to protect humanity from his malevolent machinations.

On film, Galema was first portrayed by actress Snooky Serna in the 1985 movie Zuma, and by Jenny Lyn in the 1987 sequel Anak ni Zuma. A television series is reportedly in the works, Galema, Ang Anak ni Zuma ("Galema, The Daughter of Zuma"), to star Andi Eigenmann in the title role. (And before I forget, ZUMA ASUNCION?! SERIOUSLY?!)

When Zuma was given his own title in the mid-90's, Zuma Komiks, Galema (along with her half-man/half-dinosaur half-brother Dino) also appeared in a back-up strip, Mga Anak ni Zuma ("The Children of Zuma"). In the following episode from Zuma Komiks #111 (December 22, 1995), Galema has a heart-to-heart talk with her dad about religion, parent-child relations and sacrificing virgins.

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