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ISPIKIKAY (Toxic Fighter/World Protector)

To conclude National Superwomen's Month and to celebrate Earth Hour, we present... __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Ispikikay first appeared in Kick Fighter Komiks (published by Infinity Publishing Inc.) in 1993. The original series was created by writer Espie Buen Gayanillo and artist Ariel Padilla. Glady Gimena later took over as writer, and some fill-in issues were drawn by Luisito G. Antonio. _______________________________________________________
_______________________________________________________ While nature tripping in the forests of Palawan, teenager Charlene "Kikay" Magno encountered a fairy named Tweety Delirius. Chosen to protect the Earth's ecology, Kikay was given extraordinary powers to become the environmental superheroine Ispikikay. ____________________________________ _ _ _

__________________________________________________________ Ispikikay has superhuman strength, speed, invulnerability, and the power of flight. She can also project force fields, shoot fireballs, and is skilled in martial arts. _____________________________________________________


I've always liked Ispikikay, though I'm not really sure why. The stories weren't special, and I thought at the time that Ariel Padilla was the worst artist ever (until I saw his most recent works. He's actually pretty good). Maybe the lighter tales were just a nice change of pace from the macho grittiness of the other Kick Fighter strips. Or maybe it's because, as much as I disliked the artwork, Kikay herself usually looked cute as a button.

Like the other Kick Fighter mainstays, Ispikikay was also based on a character from the Street Fighter video game, but modified to make her appear different. In fact, she was the most heavily-modified of all the KF characters that she would barely even resemble her SF counterpart.


Later in the series, Kikay's friends would also be given super powers, forming the ecological super-team, the Earth Warriors.


Real Name: Joel

Power: Shoots energy blasts from his eyes.


Real Name: Dennis
Power: Ice-based abilities.


Real Name: Lucille

Power: Grows to gigantic size.


Real Name: Mark

Power: Razor-sharp claws on his fingers.


Ispikikay's arch-nemesis, an evil eco-villain who wants to destroy the environment.

THE FRIGHTFUL FIVE ___________________________Sometimes Sometimes called the Sinister Five, Damon's chief super-powered minions. The group's members are Delubya, Nucleo, Acido, Lumberjack and The Smoker.

Not to be confused with the DC Comics hero of the same name, this Metamorpho is a T2-like shape-shifting agent of the evil Damon.


Evil shadows come to life.


A solar-powered villain hired to protect an illegal logging operation.

Wait a minute... A solar-powered character protecting a threat to the environment?! That doesn't sound right...


The ruler of a race of lightning-people. Not really a bad guy, he goes on the warpath when the Earth's pollution threatens his kingdom.

CATQUICK ____________________________________________
A super-fast, acrobatic purse-snatcher.

PROFESSOR MORGAN _____________________________A mad A mad scientist who wants to dissect Ispikikay.

Yet another mad scientist, dubbed "the number one enemy of nature."

__IRON COP _____________________________________A robot A A robot police officer gone renegade.
_____________________________________________________________ ALIENS _____________________ The The Earth Warriors have faced a number of alien invaders. A lot of them look alike (green-skinned, big-headed, pointy-eared), so they're probably of the same race. __________________________________________________________ 
A magnetic-powered alien disguised as Kikay's hunky next-door neighbor. ___________________________________________________________KUKA ____________________
The obligatory evil twin, a robot double created by Damon. Aside from Kuka, Damon would use other evil clones against Kikay.

Ispikikay first teamed-up with her KF co-stars in a book-length adventure for the magazine's "Winter Special Edition" 48th issue. _______________________________________
Kikay with Hugo, Boga, Biotrog and Jolas

When Kick Fighter was reformatted in 1995 and its characters were re-shuffled, Ispikikay (renamed "Kickay" ) was teamed with Kulto and Mysterio in a new strip entitled Quantum Zone.

Art by Lando Inolino

When KF was revamped anew in 1996, Ispikikay joined the cast of Street Kombat.

Art by Jim Jimenez



  1. I love Ispikikay.. cia ang favorite character ko sa KICK FIGHTER KOMIKS! Well, another group nature fighter naman sana...ang PUWERSA NG KALIKASAN... ^^ thanks for posting articles for Ispikikay...

  2. its a good thing me nakaka alala pa pala ke Ispikkay,masasabi ko im also one of those who followed her evolution from chun li, to x-men wanna be^^ sya rin talaga favorite ko among Infinity Pub. girls. haaaay ala ala ng kabataan...